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Athos is the sequel campaign to the world famous and highly successful Evelyn Campaign. This story takes place 30 years after Lord Soth's unsuccessful attack on the Dwarven city of Deepwell.

Does this have any baring on the actual plot of the Athos campaign? Well I'll give you same answer that the girl I asked to Junior Prom gave me, "Maybe?". 

Athos is a lot like Australia, in that everything is trying to kill everything else, everyone is kinda racist and it's very far away from everywhere else. 

Will this geographical fact stop characters from the faraway kingdom of Evelyn to reappear in this campaign? 

Well I'll give you the same answer as the girl who I asked to Senior Prom gave me, "No."

Watch as Cody tries to make a compelling narrative he mostly plagiarized from a video game he hopes none of the players know about. Be amazed as he stumbles through basic player level management, and let's power creep destroy his entire game system. Stand in awe as Cody basically wrestles control from the Player Characters and just orates a mediocre medieval fantasy story. 


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